Through visualization, ideas and images take form!

In Dr. Tae Yun Kim’s Seven Steps to Inner Power E-book, Chapter 3, under Effective Visualization, is a description on what “visualization” is and how to apply it to achieve your goals.

Effective Visualization

The practice of creative visualization is not idle day dreaming or wishful thinking. Yes, you could say that it’s like dreaming, but it’s more than that. It is focused imagining, with the power of your will and persistence behind it. It is an immaterial activity that takes form first as a mental image, then as a material image.

The mental images you form must absolutely support what you want to create and should be visualized with as much detail and clarity as possible.

~ Tae Yun Kim

For example, let’s say that you want to loose 5 pounds in 2 weeks.  How are you going to achieve this goal?  First in your thoughts, visualize your end results – see yourself 5 pounds thinner. Then monitor what you eat and get some form of exercise every day.

Here is an idea that can help:  Keep a daily log with your weight, the foods you eat, water consumption, exercise, sleep…   Each day stay true to your goal in your thoughts and actions until achieving your goal.

Healthy Eating Chart-Harvard

He Can Do! She Can Do! Why Not Me!


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