Q99, With visualization, ideas and images take form!

In this picture, the artist is visualizing how to lay out a landscape.  They had an idea in their mind, and then took their thoughts one step further by drawing the landscape.  Then they can take their drawing as a map to actually get the tools and create the landscape real time.

Here is an excerpt on “Visualization” by Author Dr. Tae Yun Kim, in her Seven Steps to Inner Power ebook, page 55.

“When I was a young girl in Korea, I was fascinated by a flower that bloomed only at night.  Appropriately, they were called moon flowers.  As I sat in the garden at night watching them open, I was amazed that even in the moonlight their color was so beautiful.  I remember having the thought that surely our ideas of color come from nature.  I thought, how often people look at flowers or a beautiful sunset and want to imitate these colors somehow, in art, in clothing, or whatever.  Isn’t it interesting that the purity of nature, its original natural beauty, inspires us to capture it or duplicate it?  Certainly, this is one form of visualization: reproducing in representative ways what we see in the world around us.

Ideas are quite invisible when compared to moon flowers or sunsets, yet, they are just as real and just as inspiring!  Do we not feel excited about a new idea just as we do when we experience the rare and beauty in Nature?  When we experience true ideas, we are likewise naturally impelled to capture their beauty in material form.”



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